Refreshingly Easy Process Management

Do you
need to coordinate people and systems in a business process?

Do you need to know the status of every process at any time?

Do you want your processes to run smoothly and compliant?

KiiWee is the solution for you
 – KiiWee is an innovative software that enables you to manage your business processes in a consistent and sustainable manner.

The Concept

It has never been so easy to implement, run and automate business processes. Processes are captured quickly and in a simple graphical manner. KiiWee understands these graphical descriptions and systematically translates the defined processes into work orders, which are automatically distributed among people and IT systems. It takes care that the right people and systems are doing the right things at the right time.

Processes are graphically designed.
The process can now be initiated using KiiWee.
KiiWee distributed work orders and ensures that the tasks are completed.


Action Manager

The Action Manager takes on the task of automatically forwarding jobs, and guides those involved through the process.


This controlling tool generates reports about important key figures that can be filtered individually.


You will never lose your overview thanks to the KiiWee Dashboard. This is where you can see all of your workflows at a glance.

Document Manager

KiiWee manages digital documents and is able to generate new documents based on templates.


The KiiWee Connectors makes it possible to integrate a wide range of external applications such as databases and so on.

Collaboration Chat

This Chat is a snappy exchange feature that supports cooperation between everyone involved in the process.

Sample Processes

Buying Process

Approval Process

Invoice Process

Recruiting Process

Change Request Process

Customer Service Process

Flexible Deployment Options


Can be operated immediately as a web-based software service from the public or virtual private cloud.

Works great on


Of course, we also provide the option for you to install KiiWee on your own server.

KiiWee was developed so that everybody can concentrate completely on their tasks and abilities - no need for beaucracy or complicated coordination efforts anymore.

Andreas Töllich - Head of IT Westhouse Group

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